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Welcome to the web site for The Kingdom of Mercia!

"The earth shaking under steel-clad hooves; a gleaming sea of blades, raised as one towards the sky; bright banners that invoke the might and radiance of Auros, god of the noonday sun. Again and again the knights of Mercia ride forth into the world, determined to shine the light of righteousness upon those who dwell in darkness or shadow."


The Kingdom of Mercia is a clan for the MMORPG Darkfall Online. We are what some may call a 'Lore-play' clan - meaning our clan is based on the lore of Darkfall and as such our actions are based upon what we think is fitting for the in-game lore. We do not engage in your typical "tavern role-play" as seen in other MMOs. We thrive on PvP-driven, full-contact Darkfall immersion. With that in mind, we do not tolerate any sort of player who is here only for PvP. Our goal is to immerse ourselves in the world of Darkfall, not to PvP without any long-term or worthwhile goals. This obviously doesn't mean we will not engage in PvP combat, because that is the very essence of Darkfall. We aim to accomplish lore-related, long-term goals through PvP combat, PvE combat, crafting, territory control, etc.  
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"Dwarves and mirdain are our noble allies, who have found their own way out of darkness. If mankind is to retain the friendship of these races, we must respect their cultures and beliefs."

- Agnar Shale, diplomat to the court at Charybdis
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